SC Logistics hosts quarterly meeting in Midlands

6ae84d3a-0213-47d2-9484-854326eb98ebSC Logistics hosted Midlands-area logistics users and providers on Jan. 11 at the UPS Air Freight Facility in West Columbia. Attendees were able to network prior to Gateway Manager Rashida Bridges giving an overview of operations and a tour of the air cargo handling process and 281,000-square-foot warehouse, including the automated freight sorting equipment that processes 41,000 packages per hour as the southeastern hub.

The SC Logistics Executive Forum convened following the tour to discuss issues facing the industry.  The SC Logistics Executive Forum is a nine-person committee comprised of private sector partners in the industry. The Forum includes five representatives from logistics providers in rail, air, trucking, maritime, and third-party logistics (3PL); three representatives from logistics users in distribution, manufacturing, and agribusiness; and there is one seat reserved for the past chair of the committee.

The Forum is advised by SC Logistics public sector partners, SC Department of Commerce, SC Department of Transportation, and SC Ports Authority, as well as a Land Use Subcommittee comprised of engineering firms, real estate firms and developers. The Land Use Subcommittee provides expertise in availability of property for infrastructure development and advice on infrastructure opportunities.