Charleston Harbor Deepening receives $17 million in construction funding

PORTSThe Charleston Harbor Deepening Project received $17.5 million in construction funding as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fiscal Year 17 Work Plan. The project was also named one of six “new starts” in the plan.

The project also received $16.1 million in operation and maintenance dollars, which will provide for the maintenance needed in dredging the harbor to prepare for construction.  

The total funding allocated to the project under the Work Plan will allow the construction to begin this fall as planned.

The Army Corps of Engineers Chief’s Report for the construction phase of the project was authorized as part of the Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation Act (WIIN), passed by Congress in December. By deepening the Charleston Harbor to 52 feet, the South Carolina Ports Authority will be able to accommodate fully-loaded new-Panamax container ships without tidal restriction.

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